I am a 9th grade reading teacher in Kentucky. I love to read young adult fiction, and for the longest time, this was something I was embarrassed of (because shouldn’t adults read adult books?). But I eventually realized that as a high school teacher, it was kind of my job to read young adult books and to encourage my students to read them as well. So this year, one of my resolutions was to read as many books as I possibly could (because it had been far too long since I had actually made time to read for fun) and if most of those books were young adult books, well more power to me.

Nine months later, I realized that I’d read a ton of books this year and couldn’t keep track of which I loved and which I couldn’t bear to finish and what they each were about. So I decided to start writing reviews of each book to help me remember which was which and to give me something to go off of when giving recommendations to my students (because independent reading is such a huge part of my class). I realized if I wrote these reviews on a blog, I could not only help myself keep track, but I could also maybe help other teachers as well. And thus, A Teacher’s Guide to Young Adult Literature was borne.

Happy reading!!!